Glycated Albumin and Glycated Hemoglobin Are Useful Glycemic Markers for Gestational Diabetes

An article in Pediatrics and Neonatology “investigat[ed] whether glycated albumin is a useful glycemic marker…[when] monitoring glycemic control in pregnant women with…gestational diabetes mellitus.” The retrospective, Japanese study concluded “glycated albumin is a useful marker of glycemic control considering infant complications during pregnancy. [It] also suggest[ed] that evaluating both glycated hemoglobin and glycated albumin levels can lead to better glycemic control in pregnant women.” This was established by comparing the mean glycated albumin and glycated hemoglobin levels. The comparison was carried out between mothers of infants with complications and those without. A glycated albumin cutoff value of 15.8 percent was used to calculate the sensitivity and specificity of significantly different items between these two groups.


Contact: Kajal Bains

Corporate Communications Associate

Epinex Diagnostics, Inc.


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