Glycated Albumin Is Useful In Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis Where HbA1c Is Limited

A research article published in PLOS One tested “the possibility that measurement of serum glycated albumin (GA) [could] assess the need for” an oral glucose test (OGTT) better than HbA1c. The six yearlong study concluded, “In the diagnosis of diabetes, serum GA measurements can be used to determine the need of an OGTT.” Type 2 diabetes can be diagnosed by either HbA1c results or an OGTT. Due to its time-consuming nature, however, the OGTT is only used as a secondary measure. This can cause complications because HbA1c findings have limitations. 1559 people who did not know if they had diabetes and were not on anti-diabetic medication were studied.


Contact: Kajal Bains Corporate Communications Associate Epinex Diagnostics, Inc.


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