Large Chinese Study Confirms That Glycated Albumin Tracks Effectiveness of Diabetes Treatment Better

GA reflected changes in glycemic control in less than 2 weeks, 11 weeks earlier than HbA1c.

A just-published multi-author article in the Journal of Diabetes Complications concluded “glycated albumin is superior to glycated hemoglobin for glycemic control assessment at an early stage of diabetes treatment,” based on comparison of results from four hundred ninety-nine patients in 10 hospitals in Beijing. The aim of the study was “to determine whether serum glycated albumin (GA) was a better indicator of glycemic control than hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) when starting a new treatment regimen for type 2 diabetes.” While changes in GA correlated with changes in HbA1c throughout the course of the study, treatment effectiveness was correlated to changes in GA by Day 14, but not to changes in HbA1c until Day 91.



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